Make Your New Year’s Bright by Having Your Windows Cleaned

As we roll into a new year, most people will resolve to do things differently than they did the year before. If you have let home maintenance get away from you, getting your windows cleaned is an excellent way to increase your curb appeal while extending the life of your exterior windows and casing. These are just four reasons why window cleaning should be on your New Year’s resolution list!

Improve Air Quality

One of the best things about fall and spring is the ability to open up your windows and air things out. But there is nothing cleansing about opening windows that have built-up mold, mildew, and allergens. If you open them before having them cleaned, you are allowing all of those particles to get into your air and circulate through your HVAC system. Before spring approaches, make sure you are ready to open things up by scheduling a window cleaning appointment in advance!

Extend the Life of Your Windows

When you allow dirt, debris, mold, and mildew to accumulate on your window casings, it can lead to wood rot and needing repair or even prematurely replace your windows and casings. Replacement windows are very expensive, which is why spending a bit to be proactive by cleaning your windows is a much better choice all the way around.

Curb Appeal

With a new year comes the hope that you will make a better appearance in the world and be the best you. There is nothing new about people driving up to your home to see its aging appearance. Window cleaning is one of the best ways to enhance your home from the curb view. It is one of the most economical and immediate ways to impress the neighbors – and see them, too!

Reduce Your Energy Costs

If you use your window surfaces wisely, you can heat your home pretty efficiently by using radiant heat from the sun’s rays. But if your windows are too dirty to even look through, then your home won’t absorb any heat. When you clean them, you allow the most light in, which means that you can turn lights off and let the outside light shine in, and that your home will be heated by the sun’s warmth.

Reduce the Risk of a Pest Problem

When you allow dirt and debris to linger on your window casings, you are providing a beacon and a breeding ground for pests. By washing your windows, you can prevent a pest infestation from starting in the first place. You will also reduce the likelihood that pests will begin to make their way indoors.

As we head into 2022, many will resolve to make this year better than the last. If you have home maintenance on your resolution list, let us take one thing off your plate. Hire our window cleaning company and let more natural light in, increase your indoor air quality, and breathe easier when spring arrives. Don’t wait until everyone is rushed for spring cleaning – schedule your window washing appointment today!

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