What Sets One Commercial Pressure Washing Company Ahead of the Rest?

It seems pretty straightforward: you hire a service, and they come and perform a service. Pressure washing is one of those things that makes an immediate difference at an economical price. But not all commercial pressure washing companies are the same, and neither is the quality of their results. It is important to choose wisely, because if they don’t have the training, insurance, and industry knowledge necessary, they can put you and your commercial business in jeopardy. These are a few of the things that set one company apart from the rest.


Anyone can throw a commercial pressure washing machine into a truck and call themselves a professional, but that doesn’t make them one. Pressure washing and soft washing are complex processes that require industry knowledge to get right while reducing the risk of damage. Training is essential to get all your exterior surfaces clean with the most appropriate methods. If you don’t know what those methods are, then you aren’t going to do the job right!


Pressure washing is one of those industries where anyone can hop on board and start up a business. It is also something that can take some trial and error to get right. Don’t be someone’s error! Make sure you hire someone with the experience to never make you a trial or error, since it can end up costing you a lot. Experience is also key to getting the best results to make the best impression on your customers and the community!


There is a difference between being “cheap” and being cost-competitive. Usually, when you hire cheap, you get what you pay for; with pressure washing, that can mean anything from not getting the results you want to actually having your exterior areas damaged. Most business owners are guided by budgetary constraints, but going cheap is not always the answer. It might actually be the worst answer possible. At EcoClean NW, we offer cost-competitive pricing and no gimmicks!


The quality of the equipment used will influence your results, so make sure you hire a company that invests in itself by purchasing the latest and best equipment in the industry. Pressure washing equipment is not cheap, so many companies use dated equipment and cross their fingers. At EcoClean NW, we use only state-of-the-art tools to get your whole property clean from the roof to the sidewalk!


Unfortunately, in the pressure washing industry, there are a lot of companies that use hard sales and gimmicks to gain your business. Then, when you get the total bill, there are unexpected add-ons that are way more than you bargained for. Hire a company like EcoClean NW that is willing to put the total cost in writing. We might not offer promotions all the time, but we don’t have to. Our price is always competitive, so we don’t have to get you on board using sales tactics. Just read our ratings and reviews and you will see why!

Pressure washing is an excellent way to make a good impression on your customers and the community, but not all commercial pressure washing companies are equal. If you are going to invest, invest in the best, and rest assured knowing that we will do an honest job and that you will get honest results. Contact us to schedule your pressure washing appointment today!