Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Pressure Washing Service in Tacoma, WA

There are many benefits to maintaining the cleanliness of your home’s exterior with pressure washing services. In addition to promoting better curb appeal, pressure washing cuts down on the money you’ll spend on future repairs.

Look for the following signs that you need to hire a pressure washing service for your home. If you notice more than one of these conditions, your home’s exterior is overdue for pressure washing.

You See Green or Black Discoloration on Your Roof

Regularly examining the exterior of your home will help you notice certain small problems before they become large problems.

For example, look up at your roof from each side of your property to spot signs of mold and mildew growth. Any discoloration indicates the need for roof washing in Tacoma. In particular, look for black mold growth or the greenish discoloration common with mildew growth.

If you allow mold, mildew, and other contaminants to grow on your home’s roof, they will ultimately erode your roof shingles. The underlying roofing materials can also become damaged. Soft washing will clear away these contaminants without damaging your roof. This gentler approach can prevent damage to your home and provide a better, longer-lasting cleaning.

Your Home Looks Dirty or Faded

No matter what type of materials your home is made of, heavy rainfall, the sun’s harmful rays, and other environmental factors can damage its exterior. Soft washing restores beauty and brilliance to homes by rinsing grime off of vinyl siding, brick, stucco, and other surfaces.

If you have wood siding with chipping or faded paint, you might plan to repaint your home. Washing the wood beforehand will remove loose paint and clean the surface. This will promote better bonding when you apply the first coat of new paint to your home.

Your Gutters Need Cleaning

If you haven’t scheduled gutter cleaning in Tacoma in recent months, it’s probably time to have your gutters serviced. It doesn’t take long for leaves, sticks, litter, and other types of debris to collect in your gutters. When these blockages form, rainwater will be forced over the sides of the gutters. This leads to roof and siding damage.

Pressure washing in Tacoma, Washington, provides an easy and effective method of clearing gutter systems. The force of the water pushes debris until it becomes loose and flows out through your downspout. Pressure washing also makes it easier to identify weaknesses in your gutters so you can have them repaired before the next heavy storm.

You Notice an Increase in Energy Costs

There are many reasons that your HVAC system might start using more energy than normal. If you have had your cooling system inspected and haven’t found the problem, look to your roof. The growth of mold, moss, and algae can add an extra layer on top of your roof, creating a barrier that will trap more heat in your home during the summer months.

You can hire a soft washing service to remove that barrier of growth and reduce your cooling needs. This can often be effective enough to reduce your energy costs in the summer. You’ll see lower monthly bills and your HVAC system won’t suffer wear and tear damage as rapidly.

You Notice More Pests Around Your Home

The spiders, ants, and other pests that congregate around your home can quickly become a nuisance. Some of these bugs can damage your home or spread illnesses to your family. You can remove these threats with routine pressure washing — the force of the water will flush away webs, nests, and other pest habitats.

Schedule an exterior washing for your home as soon as you see webs and nests. This can help you eliminate pests before they gain access to the inside of your home. Often, pressure washing in Tacoma, Washington, can support other pest control services by making your property less hospitable to pests.

You See Stains on Your Walkways and Driveway

The sidewalks that surround your home can become dirty and stained over time. Similarly, a concrete driveway can collect oil, fuel, and other fluids from your vehicles, leaving you with dark stains.

These fluids can erode the concrete if they aren’t rinsed away. Pressure washing can restore the bright, fresh look of any concrete or asphalt surface.

Concrete cleaning in Tacoma, WA, is also important because it will reduce the risks of cracks forming on these surfaces. Without regular cleaning, moss and weeds will grow around your concrete surfaces and eventually cause cracks to form. Prevent this damage by using a pressure washer to get rid of growth on your walkways and driveway.

Your Deck Suffered a Long Winter

You probably spend very little time on your deck or patio throughout the colder months. As the weather warms up, you might notice that the deck looks dingy and dirty. Pressure washing can restore the bright look of your deck or patio, helping you prepare your outdoor entertaining areas for more regular use.

Pressure washing can also help by rinsing off any outdoor furniture that you left sitting on your deck through the winter. Often, a rinse is all your patio furniture will need to be ready for the summer.

You Have Dark Stains on Your Home

Finally, you might see dark stains on certain areas of your home’s exterior. Look at the siding or wood near vents, windows, and other points of access. Exhaust and fumes can leave dark traces on the exterior walls around your home.

Even a dark surface such as brick can accumulate enough soot and grime to become discolored. Get rid of those unsightly stains with house washing services.

Regular Pressure Washing Helps You Protect Your Real Estate Investment

Keeping track of when you need service can help you create a schedule for pressure washing your home or business. As a result, your property will need fewer repairs over time, and you’ll get more out of the investment you made in buying real estate. Contact us today for pressure washing in Tacoma, Washington, and set up a schedule to stay on top of your building’s exterior maintenance needs.