Is Springtime the Best Season for Deck Stripping?

Ah, the spring has finally sprung. Most of us are getting the itch to get out to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. Spring is also when you take stock of the condition of your home’s exterior. Summer and warm weather will be here soon enough, are your outdoor areas ready for entertaining? As COVID tensions ease, this summer is shaping up to be a return to socialization instead of social distancing. Have you let your fun spaces slide? Springtime is a great time to consider staining or re-staining your deck, but how do you find someone for the prep work? Don’t just Google “deck stripping companies near me” and choose. Here are four clear reasons to contact EcoClean Northwest!


At EcoClean Northwest our number-one focus is always the customer. We go to great lengths to provide a high-quality and customized service. If your deck is looking shabby and you want to strip it and make it look new, our pressure washing service is just what you need to prepare it to absorb stain evenly and ensure that it is prep-ready so the stain looks amazing. We have the expertise and the industry experience to be your best source for all things pressure washing – including decks.

We Don’t Sell You What You Don’t Need

Often, homeowners think that they need to have their decks completely stripped to start anew. Not only can that be a really dirty project; at times, it is unnecessary. We don’t believe in selling services that our customers don’t really need. Sometimes a good old-fashioned wash is enough to expose the beauty of the wood underneath layers of dirt and debris, and it does not need an entire stripping job. If you want to ensure that you are paying for only what you need, we offer sound and honest advice – guaranteed!

Industry Skill and Training

Although most homeowners assume that anything outdoors is safe to be pressure washed, that’s actually not the case. In terms of painted or stained wood, there are cases where pressure washing is appropriate and others when it can cause some significant and costly damage. In those cases, a gentler touch – like soft washing – is a better choice. We have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best choice to get the results that you want while reducing the risk of damage!

Honesty and Transparency

Above all, we believe in honesty! Before we provide any service, we give you an estimate in writing that is THE estimate. We don’t believe in add-ons or extra hidden fees that can run up your bill. We believe in building our reputation on transparency and excellent work, and it shows in our reviews and ratings. Your deck is an investment; we ensure that money is well spent by providing you with the cost upfront that is the cost at completion.

As we quickly roll into spring, summer is right on its heels. Are your outdoor areas ready to return to socialization instead of social distancing? We can make sure they are. If you need to have your deck stripped for re-staining, don’t just Google “deck stripping companies near me” and choose at will. Choose the clear choice – EcoClean Northwest. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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