Trusted Pressure Washing company in Pierce County, WA

When it comes to home maintenance, power washing is a great way to enhance your curb appeal. But it isn’t just about your home looking great - pressure washing removes dirt and debris that, if left unaddressed, can lead to the need for expensive repairs. At Ecoclean Northwest, we understand that your home is one of your greatest assets, so we do all that we can to keep it clean and safe from damage.
When you let dirt, debris, and algae build on sidewalks and driveways, it can lead to slick conditions that risk accidents. As a homeowner, you have to do all that you can to keep guests and passersby safe while on-premises. Pressure washing will help reduce the risk of a fall - and the cost that can befall you from litigation.

A Fine Balance Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing in Pierce County, WA

Not all exterior materials are durable enough to withstand the high-pressure water of pressure washing. For more fragile areas, soft washing is a preferred method. But only someone who is professionally trained understands the difference. At Ecoclean Northwest, we have the industry knowledge and experience to know what can and cannot safely be power washed, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your home’s exterior.
Nothing can make your home look more rundown and aged than dirty and dingy windows. When you hire a window washing company in Pierce County, you will not only enhance your curb appeal; washing will also help keep exterior materials well-maintained and reduce the risk of costly damage due to mold and mildew. And when you wash your windows you allow more sunlight in, which provides radiant heat that will help cut your monthly energy costs!

Commercial Pressure Washing is a MUST in Pierce County, WA

Your office or commercial building is a considerable investment, which is why you want to do all that you can to extend the life of your exterior surfaces. Commercial pressure washing is an awesome way to reduce the risk of damage from built-up dirt, debris, and algae. It also helps to enhance your curb appeal and make a favorable impression on customers and the public. Our commercial pressure washing service helps to keep roofs to sidewalks, and everywhere in between, clean and safe.