Roof Cleaning is a Must; Pressure Washing is a No-No!

As we head into the new year, many homeowners will put home maintenance on their to-do lists. Roof washing is a must to help your roof look good all year long. It also helps to reduce the need for an unnecessary roof repair call – or worse, having to replace your roof prematurely. Before you hire a roof cleaning Puyallup, WA company, however, make sure that you understand why roof cleaning is a yes, and pressure washing is a no!

How Do Soft Washing and Pressure Washing Differ?

Although “pressure washing” is a standard term that most outside the industry use interchangeably for all things outdoor washing, true pressure washing uses high-powered water through a nozzle that removes dirt, debris, and build-up. Soft washing is like pressure washing, but it uses a low-pressure wash system combined with industry-specific cleansers and cleaners that are biodegradable and safe for exterior surfaces.

Shingles Aren’t Made to Withstand High Pressure

Roofing material is made to withstand harsh temperatures and high winds, but that doesn’t mean that it was designed to hold up to a high-pressure washer. If you use pressure washing, it can lead to cracked and broken shingles. And the damage might not be obvious; it might take some time to show. By the time you do notice, the pressure washing company that used it on your roof will be long gone, making the damage your problem!

Moisture Can Get Underneath and Lead to Moisture Problems

Shingles are designed to add a waterproof layer to your roof to reduce moisture and mold damage. But high-powered water can easily get underneath your shingles and lead to problems that can become worse and lead to costly damage. Soft washing is a must to ensure that you are cleaning the surface without running the risk of doing more harm than good! Softwashing is the only method of roof cleaning approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association) for asphalt shingles. Softwashing also does not void factory warranties.

Fascia and Soffit Damage

Not only can high-pressured water get underneath your shingles, but it can also get into your fascia and soffit boards, where moisture and mildew can lead to wood rot. Also, your gutters need to be cleaned to handle the water and guide it away from the foundation of your home, but gutters are not designed to take the high-pressure nature of pressure washing. Low pressure and Soft washing is a much safer option.

If you are adding home maintenance to your to-do list in the new year, then roof washing is a must. But not all exterior surfaces are hardy enough to withstand pressure washing. For your roof, gutters, and other painted areas, soft washing is a much more appropriate way to get the best results without risking damage.

At EcoClean NW, we understand the importance of erring on the side of caution in all that we do. We always seek to make your home or office shine like new by choosing the most effective cleaning method possible. Contact us today to schedule your roof cleaning in Puyallup, WA!