How Our Commercial Pressure Washing Company Differs

It seems pretty simple: if you have a pressure washing machine, you use it. But the job of a pressure washing company in Pierce County, Washington, is so much more. There are many things that you have to know, equipment that you have to have, and time schedules that you need to follow to be the best commercial pressure washing company around. Guess what? EcoClean NW has it all. These are just some of the reasons we are the clear choice for your commercial pressure washing needs.

Timing is Everything

Your commercial building is a bustling place, and the last thing you want to do is put a crimp in your daily routine. When we tackle a commercial pressure washing project, we do so around your peak busy times. Our mission is to be in and out before we disrupt anything. Our crew has perfected the process so that we are in quickly and out just as fast – so that you can get back to your day-to-day without interruption or irritation to your customers!


There is a difference between cheap and affordable. If you hire a company based on low cost alone, you might just find out the hard way what that difference is. Pressure washing is a skill and profession, not a side job. We don’t just throw a pressure washer in a truck and go do it; we have the training, certification, insurance, and skill set to ensure that we not only leave your building damage-free; we also leave you with the best results imaginable. Don’t go cheap – choose our affordable pressure washing service instead!


Although damaging exterior surfaces is quite rare, especially when you use a soft wash method for safety and effectiveness, there is always the off-chance that something might go wrong. We are fully insured so we can rest assured (and so can you) that you are covered should anything happen. If you leave accidents up to chance without having coverage, it can quickly become your mess to clean up!


As any tradesperson will tell you, even the most skillful people need the proper tools for perfection. At EcoClean Northwest, we have invested in the latest and most innovative pressure-washing equipment and tools in the industry. It takes a team and a crew to cover large commercial and industry buildings, which is why we have invested in our equipment. We felt since our customers invest so much in us, it is only right that we return the favor by investing to make sure that you get the results that you deserve.

If it has been a while since you have had your commercial building pressure washed, now is the perfect time. But before you just hire any pressure washing Pierce County, Washington company, make sure that they have the right equipment, skill set, and experience to get the job done. When you hire us, you never have to worry about the process we have perfected. Contact us today to get started!