Are Your Gutters Ready for the Long Winter Ahead?

Not many people think about the shape their gutters are in, or how well they are performing – but they should. Gutters help to guide water away from the foundation of your home or office. And if they are not flowing properly, it can lead to soil erosion, which can increase the risk of basement flooding or cracks in the foundation. Before the winter hits, now is an excellent time to schedule your gutter cleaning in Puyallup so you can protect your home throughout the cold and be prepared when the spring thaw hits.

Not a Great Do-It-Yourself Project

Although many people think that cleaning out gutters is a great do-it-yourself project, it actually isn’t. Getting up on a ladder to get to those really hard-to-reach places is a job best left to a professional. For the little that it costs to hire a gutter cleaning company, it is well worth saving yourself from the risk of a slip and fall accident way up high! At Eco Clean Northwest, we have the experience and skills to get it done and to keep you safe from harm.

Your Time is Valuable

You spend so much time during the week working – the last thing you want to do is occupy your weekends with chores like gutter cleaning. At Eco Clean Northwest, we take care of your gutter cleaning so that you can spend your time doing something more enjoyable with family and friends. We take one thing off your busy to-do list so you get some downtime and fun – after all, you deserve it!

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Gutter cleaning may seem like a pretty straightforward job, but if you don’t do it correctly, you can end up damaging your gutters. Also, if you let dirt and debris build up, it will block the flow of water away from your home. In addition, the weight of the debris can cause cracking or the risk of your gutters pulling away from your home. That can lead to expensive and unnecessary repair costs.

Spring Thaw

If you put off cleaning your gutters this winter, then you might encounter some serious consequences come the spring thaw. When the snow and ice begin to melt, you want to make sure that your gutters are functioning properly, or you could see basement flooding or structural damage to your foundation. The cost of hiring a gutter cleaning company is well worth it to be ready once the spring showers hit!

Your gutters are the first line of defense your home has against pooling around the foundation. But if you don’t maintain them properly, they can’t do what they are supposed to. As the cold weather makes its way into our area, a little prevention will go a long way in protecting one of your greatest assets. Contact Eco Clean Northwest today and schedule your gutter cleaning in Puyallup appointment to be ready for the warm spring weather.

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