Four Things to Consider Before Hiring a Roof Washing Service

As we head quickly into spring, summer is right on its coattails. When it comes to maintaining your house, roof washing is a must. But not all types of roof washing are safe or beneficial. Before you blindly hire a roof washing company in Puyallup, Washington, and assume that they know what they are doing, these are four things to consider to ensure that you – and they – are playing it safe with one of your biggest investments.

Pressure Washing is NOT Safe For Roofs

In the pressure washing industry, there is a misperception that pressure and soft washing are the same things, especially for less-skilled professionals or unaware consumers. Pressure washing is never recommended for shingled roofs. It’s safe for metal roofs, but not for other types. If you assume that the roof washing Puyallup, Washington company you hire knows the difference, you could be wrong – and being wrong can cost you a whole lot. Always make sure to ask the right questions before you assume that the company you hire knows the difference!

Damage from Pressure Washing Can’t Be Seen Right Away

When you hire someone for a service and you spot damage, you can hold them accountable. When it comes to pressure washing instead of soft washing a roof, the damage can sometimes be undetectable. Pressure washing can wear down the granules on a shingle roof and lead to moisture damage and the need to prematurely replace your roof. Unfortunately, in most cases, the damage can’t be traced back to the pressure washing that caused it. The only way to prevent pressure washing damage is to ensure that you never have someone pressure wash your roof to begin with!

Pressure Washing is Too Much Pressure

Pressure washing won’t just wear away at the granules of your shingled roof; it can be too much force and lead to breaking and cracking shingles. When you have broken or cracked shingles, it can lead to moisture and water damage that inevitably will require an expensive repair service call or having to prematurely replace your roof. Before you assume that the service you hire has the proper industry knowledge, verify it!

Ignorance Is Certainly Not Bliss

When it comes to pressure washing your roof, ignorance on your behalf or the company you hire is certainly not blissful! If the company you hire doesn’t have the correct knowledge to know that pressure washing isn’t appropriate, they will likely damage your roof. If you don’t know that pressure washing isn’t something that you should allow a company to do to your roof, there is no bliss involved. Make sure that you are an informed customer hiring an informed pressure washing company!

As we head into spring and soon summer, now is the perfect time to hire a roof washing company in Puyallup, Washington. Just make sure that you hire the right company with the industry knowledge to know that pressure washing is not an appropriate way to wash your shingle roof. Ignorance is not bliss or helpful, so hire our company and rest assured knowing that you are getting the best and safest roof washing in the industry!