Don’t Upgrade Your Siding – Resolve to Clean it!

As we roll into the new year, many homeowners will resolve to make home maintenance and improvements a priority. If you are thinking about spending the money to upgrade and redo your siding, we urge you to Google “soft washing company near me” first, and then hire us. Often, our clients find that all they really needed was a good cleaning and they are good for several more years. Isn’t it worth a try for you?

The Cost is a Fraction

Let’s face it: siding is very expensive, especially in these uncertain economic times. It might have made sense to finance home equity and redo your siding a couple of years ago, but things have changed. You’ve got nothing to lose trying to softwashing your house first. In the worst case, you’ll have to replace your siding, but we guarantee that it will look good enough for you to postpone new siding installation for a while.

It Will Help to Extend Your Exterior Materials

If you think you need new siding, then chances are good that you need a new roof, gutters, fascia, and soffits, too! If you replace one then you will probably have to do the same for all, or it will just make the older materials look that much more worn. However, if you take a stab at cleaning everything first, then you might just find that all of your materials are good for a couple more years. Plus you will help to extend the life of those materials that still have some time left, so it’s a win-win all the way around.

If You Can’t Afford Replacement, Cleaning Will Perk You Up Until You Can

Not everyone has it in their budget to replace their siding right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should sit and suffer while you save up money. If you are tired of looking at your worn-down exterior, then washing it will do a lot to pick you up and make it look so much better. Sure, you might still need to save for new siding, but it will be much prettier to look at in the meantime. If you get it done now, you can start the new year by coming home to a much happier-looking home!

Consider Staining the Deck Instead

If you can’t get new siding, don’t despair; you can fix up a portion of your exterior and make it look better. Instead of doing the siding, wash the house and the deck and put the money toward restaining the porch or deck. You have to get it clean with a good low pressure wash, and once you are done with both areas, your home will have a bright new appearance without you having to shell out your whole savings. Save the bigger jobs for a time when things are less stressful.

As we roll into a new year, many homeowners will resolve to make home improvement a priority. If you are considering pulling off your siding and replacing it, we urge you to Google “soft washing company near me” and give us a shot first. What you might find is that you really don’t need new siding like you thought you did.

What better way to pick up your spirits for the new year ahead than knowing that your home looks brand-new but a fraction of the cost? At EcoClean Northwest, we are experts at cleaning your home and uncovering the beauty underneath the grime. Contact us today to schedule your pressure and soft washing appointment for the year ahead!