HOA Communities

HOA Communities

The reason that people pay HOA fees is to protect the equity that they have in a community. Since your residence is attached to others, an HOA is the best way to ensure that everyone is holding up their “end” from an aesthetic and maintenance standpoint. An HOA has the task of ensuring that everyone conforms to a standard of quality and appeal; they are also responsible for ensuring that the buildings look well-maintained. The best way to do that is through regular pressure washing and soft washing.

Different Areas Need to Be Properly Maintained

There are several different areas that need to be properly maintained, which can be a heavy task for an HOA. Our mission is to ensure that you look good and uphold the high standards that you have in place. We get everything from the sidewalk to the roof clean not only to enhance the community’s curb appeal, but also to keep everyone safe from slip and fall injuries.

HOA Responsibilities

Not only are HOAs responsible for the way that the community looks; they also have to ensure that maintenance needs are addressed immediately and handled appropriately. Pressure washing is an excellent way to make some exterior surfaces shine, but if used incorrectly, it can also do a lot of damage. At EcoClean NW, we have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to ensure that your community is well cared for and that we don’t unwittingly do any damage.
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Apartment Complexes

As a property owner, you have the task of making sure that your commercial property and its surroundings look nice and are well-maintained. The amount of money you can charge for rent is relative to how nice your apartment complex is and how desirable it is to live in. That is why maintaining the grounds is so important. You want to make a good and lasting impression to decrease vacancies; you also have an obligation to ensure that everyone is safe.

Keeping Everyone Safe

When you let algae, debris, and dirt accumulate on sidewalks and entryways, they can become very slick. Since you are responsible for ensuring that your premises are safe for passersby and tenants, the only way to limit the risk of litigation is by being diligent about keeping surfaces non-slick for everyone’s safety. At EcoClean NW, we know that it isn’t just about making a good impression; it is also about doing the right thing for the community and your tenants.

Maintenance is the Key to Longevity

Rental income is a great way to accumulate wealth, but not if you have to spend a ton of money on repairing and replacing exterior materials. The best way to keep your apartment complex competitive in the rental market and increase the longevity of exterior materials is by maintaining it properly. Our mission at EcoClean NW is to address the many surfaces around your apartment complex to make them look like new and reduce the risk of damage. We understand that getting apartment complexes clean takes more than just pressure washing. It takes a combination of soft washing and pressure washing, and we have the experience and professionalism to get the job done right!

Multi-Family Complexes

Multi-family complexes are a great way to mix the convenience of a condo or apartment with a space large enough to house a growing family. When you purchase a multi-family unit, there are advantages and disadvantages inherent in sharing space with others. The major disadvantage is that your equity relies on the other families taking as good of care of their homes as you do yours. When everyone is onboard to ensure that maintenance is up to par, everyone wins.

Roofs, Siding, to Sidewalks. Clean and Bright

You not only want your multi-family unit to look nice and well-maintained since the people you love live there; you also want to ensure that conditions are safe for sidewalks, entryways, and driveways. The best way to do that is with regular pressure washing and soft washing to target those areas where debris and algae can build up and lead to slick conditions.

Saving Everyone’s Equity

The key to maintaining the equity in your multi-family unit is by having the exterior of your home cleaned and keeping things in top shape. You also want to make sure to hire a company like EcoClean NW that understands the difference between soft washing and pressure washing and what to use where. If you use the wrong method on a surface that isn’t durable enough, you can end up doing a lot of costly damage. Be careful who you hire since your equity is tied to others’ property, and theirs is tied to you.

No Job is Too Much for Us!

Apartment complexes, multi-family complexes, and HOAs are a large task to maintain. The quality of the pressure and soft washing company you hire does matter.
You want to ensure that you are hiring professionals in the industry who know the difference between soft washing and pressure washing. It’s also critical that they have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to tackle large jobs. At EcoClean NW, we not only know how to handle large commercial jobs; we specialize in them! Contact us to make your appointment today to ensure that you are maintaining a standard of care.

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