Are Your Gutters Ready for the Spring Thaw? 4 Reasons to Make Sure

It is hard to believe that we are already well into February, which means that spring is on the horizon. We will all welcome the spring thaw and the beautiful weather that we enjoy in Washington. But spring also brings showers, and although they’re necessary for spring blooming and renewal, if you haven’t had your gutters cleaned and they aren’t ready for the watershed, it can do some real damage. Here are just four reasons to hire our service for gutter cleaning in Puyallup and Pierce County, Washington now!

Damage to Your Foundation

Gutters are often the last thing on a homeowner’s care-about list, but they should be front and center. Gutters are your foundation’s first line of defense against the pooling that can lead to cracks and harm the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Cleaning out your gutters will ensure that water is flowing successfully away from your home, instead of pooling around the perimeter where it can lead to foundation issues and problems.

Damage to Your Gutters

If you allow dirt and debris to build up in your gutters without cleaning them, that can weigh them down. Gutters are not designed to hold additional weight; if they are weighed down too heavily, it can cause the seams of the gutters to crack or even to pull away from the house. When that happens, not only can gutters not perform their function; it can lead to expensive gutter repair bills. The best way to keep them free-flowing is to hire a gutter cleaning service to get out the gunk!

Basement Flooding

If you allow water to pool around the foundation, it can lead to erosion and foundation problems as well as basement flooding. As anyone who has ever dealt with flooding in a finished basement knows, it is very costly and extremely labor-intensive. Keeping your gutters in good working order will reduce the risk that come mid-spring you will be standing in your basement in a foot of water, watching your valuables float away!

Pest Infestation

With spring comes pests and a breeding frenzy. Pests love dirty, dark, and moist conditions, which is exactly what happens when you don’t clean out your gutters. And if you allow an infestation to grow on the exterior of your home, it is just a matter of time before they find their way indoors. Removing dirt and debris will also remove a pest’s home and reduce the risk of having to pay for an expensive pest control service.

Spring might seem far away, but it’s actually right around the corner. With spring come many home maintenance musts. Most homeowners think very little about their gutters, but that is a huge mistake. Making sure your gutters are in good working order will reduce the risk of damage to your gutters themselves, your home’s foundation, damage from a pest infestation, and basement flooding. Don’t wait too long – now is the perfect time to schedule our service for gutter cleaning in Pierce County, Washington. Contact us today!